Plant Operations Engineer

Role and Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of the Plant Operations Engineer is to manage the Westward Seafoods Engineering Department including, but not limited to powerhouse, refrigeration department and meal plant. This position will assist with the Plant maintenance building maintenance, electrical department, auto department, machine shop, and shipping/receiving and fill in for the assistant engineer when they are not available. This position reports directly to the Chief Engineer.

Project Management:
Develop projects based on the needs of the department and from input from other departments. Design, schedule and order material, vendors, and staffing. Track progress of jobs, material. Implement and to put into operation.
Work request:
Manage, prioritize and follow through on work requests from other departments
Safety compliance:
Maintain and follow OSHA as well as WSI developed safety programs.
Regulatory compliance:
Maintain and comply with WSI's Ammonia PSM / RMP as per OSHA and EPA regulation, monitoring and compliance of EPA/SEP program, and produce and submit Energy audit reports.
Manage and conduct employee training
Review new purchase requisitions and approve them as necessary
Manage inventories, purchases, work orders, task equipment's and scheduling using MP2.
Observe compliance of Westward Seafoods HR policies and perform monitor and disciplinary action as required
Operations, Maintenance and Repair:
Stationary engines, boilers, auxiliary equipment, all machinery associated with the plant refrigeration system, all machinery and equipment associated with the Fish Meal Plant.
Employee development:
Ensure department employees are progressing toward required certifications and other company sponsored training.
Other duties as assigned.
Physical Requirements
Ability to work hours that necessitate demand in 24-hour production environment.
Requires physical ability to lift a minimum of 75 pounds.
Must have the strength and endurance, motor skills, and range of motion to effectively manage production workload.
Qualifications and Education Requirements
Must have 3+ years in a multi disciplined environment including electrical, mechanical, power distribution and generation, refrigeration, steam systems, civil and structural engineering.
Must be able to perform all engineering mathematical functions.
Must be proficient in Word, Excel and have experience with CAD
Knowledge of generators, steam boilers, air compressors, centrifuges, glycol heating systems, and electrical distribution.
Knowledge in the maintenance and repair of a 3,700 hp ammonia refrigeration system.
Knowledge in all safety and emergency response procedures associated with working with ammonia.
Understanding and knowledge in electrical circuits, purgers, plate and frame heat exchangers, blast cell and plate freezers, brine tanks, box chillers, ice machines, and ice delivery systems.
Two years previous experience with Meal Plant equipment, including the steam system, electrical distribution, cooker, bone separator, conveyers, silo, and bagging equipment.
Ability to work collaboratively with plant management.
Ability to recognize, report, and correct safety hazards for self and others.
Ability to create and maintain a safe work environment in accordance with WSI's safety procedures and policies.
Great organizational and communication skills.
Pleasant and professional manner in dealing with co-workers and supervisors.
Ability to work well in a team environment.
Ability to understand, speak, read, and write the English Language.
Room, board, transportation provided. Benefits include health care, 401K, and personal leave package upon completion of enrollment requirements.

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